• ship globally where others fail
  • fast & secure payment processing
  • same or next day delivery
  • Retail Wholesale & Custom Possibilities
  • ship globally where others fail
  • fast & secure payment processing
  • same or next day delivery
  • Retail Wholesale & Custom Possibilities

MICR Toner Impact Thermal UV Ink Ribbon | Cartridge Tape

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Discover Our 1, 2, 3-Pack Retail Shop!


In addition to product choice, Ink Ribbon Paper offers its customers the choice of where to shop in line with their needs and budgets.

Ink Ribbon Paper offers two high quality retail outlets and a corporate website.

The corporate website enables customers to shop for heavier and or high volume, big box or custom-made products, usually through request for quotation. However, a partial release option is also available for this type of products upon request.

Offers, in our 1, 2, 3-pack retail shop, are accessible to all markets around the globe. The shop does not use a geographical blocking technique, and thus enables our customers worldwide to benefit from weeks of promotional discounts, coupons and other sales events.

Free Account Registration.

  • Customers may, if they wish, register for free, without any obligations, to sign in voluntarily at our 1, 2, 3-pack shop to view their orders and manage their personal data whenever and wherever they wish.
  • Existing customers also gain access to their accounts here


Only consumables from OEMs and contract OCMs that manufacture and supply consumables to leading manufacturers of machines & equipment are supplied. They are ISO 9001 & ISO14001 certified.

As a broad product category supplier, we strive to cater for the changing needs of all our customers. The list below highlights most of our present coverage. If you do not find the exact product you are looking for within our 1, 2, 3-pack shop, please follow the links to our corporate website for more:

  • Accessories
    - Empty refillable garment printer ink cartridges for Epson and Mimaki Printers
    - Empty refillable ink cartridges for Epson small & large format printers

Our unique Retail Shops

You can access and buy our retail products by visiting our:

High Volume, Big Box & Custom Purchase

Document high level Anti-Fraud Protections -layered security printing

Product Customisation

We will be with you every stage of the process, from enquiry to order fulfilment. So - whether your enquiry is about security papers, specialty inks, laundry ribbons, mattress labels, or chart recorder papers or any other product within our portfolio - we want you to know that we will only offer to sell a product or service to you because we know we can guarantee delivery of the quality that meets or exceeds that prescribed or offered by your OEM.

Our range of blank, unprinted or preprinted specialised custom security papers, for example, come with multiple features that help you to fight fraudulent attacks on your documents. Such documents include transactional mailings (statements, billing, invoices, confirmations or documents with a blend of marketing messages.

Visit our corporate website or contact us for more information.