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  • ship globally where others fail
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Empty Ink Bag Syringe Chip Cleaning Solution | DTG Epson Anajet Mimaki Roland

ink bag and ink cartridge epson anajet
ink bag syringe 50ml
ink bag cartridges anajet mp3 ep4880


  • Strong, tough, air-tight leak proof ink bags that eliminate inkjet ink build-ups in cartridge corners
  • Tried & tested chips , easy to remove and replace on ink cartridges. Chips for Epson, Mimaki and Roland garment printers
  • A range of bags that can be used with some empty ink cartridges (210, 220, 300, 440, 600ml) for:
    - Standard digital direct textile (DT) printers
    - Direct to Garment (DTG repurposed & purpose built) small-format, wide-format and flatbed apparel printers for desktop custom production.
  • Each chip, and its electronic contacts, is designed to perform as specified by the OEM
  • Standard transparent 10ml, 20ml, & 50ml ink syringes for filling bags with ink & cartridge cleaning solution.
  • Flexible bags designed with compatibility in mind. For example, our bags for Anajet mPower 5 & mPower 10 are suitable for use with most repurposed & rebuilt Epson 4880/4800 based DTG printer cartridges (I-Dot, Neoflex, FlexiJet). Similarly, our crystal clear Anajet FP-125 ink bags work with Neoflex 4000, Neoflex 7600 and Neoflex 9600.

  • Compatibility with inks. All bags meet the corrosive and other characteristic requirements of the contents (pigments, dyes, particulate matter, solubilizers, surfactants, etc) of garment & general commercial printing inks such as DuPont Artistic 5000 series, 6000 series, Anajet inks, Mimaki inks and others.
  • Some chips are sold in conjunction with our empty cartridges and for a minimum order quantity only.
    Please enquire.
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Ink Bag & Cartridge Chip

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