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  • ship globally where others fail
  • fast & secure payment processing
  • same or next day delivery
  • Retail Wholesale & Custom Possibilities

Impact Laundry Time Clock Encoding Typewriter Printer Ribbons

cincinnati 3500 time clock ribbon
Canon AP800 810 830 typewriter
Brother 700 Deluxe Remington Travel


  • Ribbons made from the highest grade of woven fabric or films,and inked/coated with special Matrix, recorder, indelible, fluorescent, invisible and MICR solutions.
  • Fabric colour ribbons ensure durability even under most demanding environments.
  • Ribbon Formats include cassettes, single/dual spools, rolls, and, in some cases, pancakes. Some cassette/spool ribbons come with marks/leaders designed to be in sink with the end-of-ribbon reversing electronics of their POS printers.
  • Perfect synchronisation of printer mechanism and ribbon transport ensures uniform colour distribution on substrate during printing
  • Exact fitting ribbon cassettes & ink rollers that enable easy and user-friendly insertion & replacement in printers, parking metres, & calculators, and without jumping during printing.
  • Options for earlier & more recent printer/typewriter models, 24 or 9-pins, capable of printing:
    - barcodes and several business forms carbon copies plus original.
    - time clock clocking in & time management cards for wide range of time recorders & parking machines
    - indelible laundry ribbons for Epson, C.Itoh, Citizen printers. Contact us if your Epson printer is not listed for this application.

  • Hard-to-find ink rollers & ribbons for time clock recorders, computer data processing printers, ATMs, cash registers, and vintage typewriters.
  • Other compatible printers by Amstrad, Brother, Bull, Burroughs, Canon, Chums AP026/AP027/AP818, C. ITOH, Citizen, CompuPrint, DEC, Epson, Facit, Fujitsu, Genicom/Tally Mannesmann, Hermes, Honeywell, IBM, Nakajima, NEC, NCR, Newbury Data, Nixdorf, Oki, Olivetti, Olympia, Panasonic, Philips, Remington, Seikosha, Sharp, Silver Reed, Smith Corona, Star, Toshiba/TEC, Triumph Adler, Underwood, Verifone, Time Precision, Amano, Seiko, Max, Cincinnati, Acroprint, Widmer,
    Ronald Jack, Maruzen, etc.
  • Custom Orders. If the ribbon (size, sku/part number, colour, quantity) or core (size, type) or the printer model you are looking for is not yet listed, please enquire or request a quote. Minimum order quantity and volume/box quantity pricing apply
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