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  • ship globally where others fail
  • fast & secure payment processing
  • same or next day delivery
  • Retail Wholesale & Custom Possibilities

Thermal Transfer Ribbons I MICR Textile Care UV Fluorescent Flexible Packaging


  • A range of specialty thermal transfer ribbons (below) for packaging, textile care, and document security across industries:
    - Flexible packaging film & foils
    - Textile/Garment wash care & equipment
    - Invisible UV fluorescent (prints visible only when
    illuminated by a UV source)
    - Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
  • Ribbons that work with high resolution (300 dpi) print heads and most flathead & near edge printers . They imprint very high resolution overt and/or covert machine readable codes, logos, graphics, serial numbers, as well as product batch & expiry date information onto a broad range of flexible packaging, textiles, and papers in a variety of industrial, commercial and domestic environments (confectionery & salty snacks & other dry foods, diary, pharmaceutical, medical, security, documents, fashion labels, etc.).
  • Varying ribbon lengths (up to 1200m) and widths (up to 600mm), depending on application and choice and specifications of thermal transfer printer and over printer.
  • Vast array of Colours: black, white, blue, red, green, yellow, grey, uv fluorescent, gold, silver, etc. More colours & shades >>
  • Two security ribbons that deliver machine readable codes for brand protection, and enables tracking & product validation to assure correct product routing throughout a supply chain. More info>>

  • High print quality and durability where value is expected to come first and fast. We are able to make this offer to our customers because the manufacturers of our ribbons are the same who supply most of the manufacturers of the thermal transfer printers and over-printers on the market. This means multiple coding imprints, for example, by our ribbons on low density polytheylene and flexible metallised films will display superior print quality as you would find on most branded salty snack packagings.

  • Ribbons with low friction, anti-static back coat to prolong the life of print head. In some cases, additional built-in cleaner extends print head life even further.

  • Custom Orders. If the ribbon (size, sku/part number, colour, quantity) or core (size, type) or the printer model you are looking for is not yet listed, please enquire or request a quote. Minimum order quantity and volume/box quantity pricing apply
  • Flexible payment methods that let you pay your preferred way, because we accept payments in over 20 currencies used in over 180 Countries.
  • Payment by credit/debit card, wherever you are. Plus options to pay online in local currencies or in USD($), AUS($), CAD($), Euro(€) or GBP(£) at our checkout using mobile phone or tablet or desktop at home or office.

  • Worldwide shipping, using proven & reliable couriers and freight services to deliver in countries and locations where the competition fails or refuse to go. For example, we ship to airport addresses or to remote villages & countrysides in some countries in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and Latin America. Call or email us for clarification if required.

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