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  • ship globally where others fail
  • fast & secure payment processing
  • same or next day delivery
  • Retail Wholesale & Custom Possibilities

Thermal Ribbons for Coding & Labelling Flexible Packaging I Ink Ribbon Paper UK


  • Flexible packaging ribbon technologies by market leaders - IIMAK, ITW and DNP; the same that supply to your OEMs.
  • Products that are certified by ISEGA, CONEG, 94/62eg and others. For more compliance bodies>>
  • Near edge wax-resin & all resin long-life ribbons, with prints resistant to fading, scratching & crumpling, and freezing & sterilisation environments.
  • High capacity ribbons that print well at both intermittent and continuous, low & high print speeds of up to 1500mm/sec. No show-through. Prints have high edge image sharpness & optical density for readability of package information.
  • Extended print head life via ribbon back coat, plus a clean start built-in technology in the case of most of IIMAK's ribbons.
  • Ribbons for printers & TTOs by Videojet, Markem-Imaje, Domino, Allen Coding. For more over-printers>>
  • Standard/Process colours: Black, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta, Bright White, Silver (PMS 877c);
    Spot colours: White, Metallic Silver, Shamrock Green, Royal Blue, Wine, Orange &, Red.
  • Ribbon Cores: ID 25.4mm, plastic or cardboard, single or twin, and no notches. All ribbons wound centrally.
  • Ribbon widths 25mm - 130mm, and lengths of 450m, 600m, 650m, 750m, 850m,900m, 1000m, 1100, 1200m, 1600m, etc.

  • Substrates, a wide range of labels and coated & uncoated flexible packaging film & foil materials:
    - Metallised films which are widely used for salty snacks, confectionery, dry fruits, fresh vegetables, potato chips, bakery & pastries.
    - Household & medical packaging renal bags, tubing, pouches, medical device, pharmaceutical , beauty & fluid packaging.
  • Custom orders: if the ribbon size or sku/part number or colour or quantity or core type or the ribbon for the printer you are looking for is not yet listed, please enquire
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Flexible Packaging Thermal Transfer Ribbon

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